Environmentally Friendly Caskets, Urns and Burials

Buy urns and caskets from a progressive funeral provider based in Los Angeles, Undertaking LA. They provide funeral services in Los Angeles, California and they ship nationwide.

willow coffin

Willow burial casket

They offer environmentally friendly willow, bamboo and sea grass caskets. You can certainly find cheaper caskets is you wish, but these are much cheaper ($1,400) than most that funeral homes try to pressure relatives into buying.

They also offer Himalayan rock salt urns for cremation remains. The urn can be kept, it also can be placed in a lake or other body of water and will dissolve (in about 4 hours). The urns are $200 to $320.

Caitlin Doughty, the owner of Undertaking LA, hosts the Ask a Mortician web series.

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The $500 Funeral

The New Hope Church in Allen County, Indiana is offering a reasonable priced funeral to provide dignity and respect to those being mistreated by the existing funeral industry. We must hope that more churches follow them in this caring move.

Funeral Arrangements and Graveyard Fees

at the moment of death, a massive corporate funeral industry with the tacit cooperation of the traditional churches and their leaders then inform the grieving survivors that they must now spend or borrow $10,000 to bury Mom or Dad or your dead brother in a graveyard with a Minister and a Marker.

It is appalling.

This is sinful, it is obvious and it systematically robs widows and orphans of the few pennies they have. I cannot continue to remain silent. I stand in sacred rage and must bear witness to this unholy injustice being perpetrated on people at the most vulnerable moments of their lives.

The current practices are appalling. We need to change. Those in Allan County Indiana have a reasonable alternative, but far too many people do not. Lets hope in the future more people will be free from the tyranny of the existing funeral industry.

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Statistics on Cremation

The cremation rate in the USA in 2012 was 43%, quite a bit higher than I would have guessed. Cremation costs are significantly lower than casket and burial costs – perhaps 20-30% (the national average cremation costs were $1,650 in 2012). Direct cremation, without a memorial service, should cost below $1,000.

Cremation rates have been increasing over time and are projected to continue doing so. In 1998 the cremation rate was just 24% is the USA.

There is a quite a variation between states. Nevada had a 74% cremation rate, Washington 73%, Oregon 71%, Hawaii 70%, Maine 69%, Louisiana 23%, Kentucky 22%, Alabama 20%, Mississippi 17%.

International cremation statistics for 2010: Japan 99.94%, UK 73%, China 49%, France 13%.

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Data from: Cremation Association of North America and International cremation stats